Our Services

Title Research.   Flawless title research is critical to an acquisition program. LAI’s  experienced  and  meticulous title research staff provides clients with comprehensive ownership investigations, total encumbrance identification, title curative assistance and ownership mapping.


Property Appraisals.  From strip acquisitions and ‘corner clips’ to appraising single family residences and businesses, our staff appraisers are experienced in the intricacies of partial acquisitions, the needs and requirements of FIRREA legislation affecting lending and mortgage institutions and the USPAP requirements.


Negotiation Services. Our negotiation professionals investigate all the circumstances involved in each case and reach settlements by effectively meeting the needs of everyone involved.  Our agents provide expertise in  the  following areas:  file and document preparation, public meeting assistance, right of entry, fee acquisitions, easement acquisitions, agency permits and licenses, special site identification and acquisition, route identification assistance, and damage claim settlement.

 Relocation Assistance.  Our relocation specialists implement the requirements of the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Act (49 CFR Part 24) for individuals, families, farm operations and businesses displaced by public projects. We pay close attention to  the needs of  those impacted and to the availability of comparable replacement housing.

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