Northern Border Pipeline Chicago Project and Project 2000

Land Acquisitions, Inc. provided right of way acquisition services for a 392 mile expansion of Northern Border’s pipeline system. The $839 million expansion consisted of:   

        237 km (147 miles) of 36-inch pipeline looped with an existing 30-inch section between Ventura and Harper, Iowa  
        19 miles of 30-inch pipeline extending north and south from Manhattan   

        Six new 35,000-hp gas turbine stations and two new electric drive stations of 6,500 and 12,000 hp   

        12 new communication towers, each 300 to 400 feet tall  

Some 1100 parcel of real estate were acquired as part of the project   Some of the challenges inherent in the project included crossing more than 12 major rivers, canals, and waterways; as well as co-locating a portion of pipeline under 345-kV power lines.  The expansion was completed in December 1998.    Land Acquisitions, Inc. also provided right of way acquisition services for the Northern Border Project 2000, 35-mile mainline expansion to extend the system from the Chicago area into North Hayden, IN.   Work was completed in 2002.

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